TJ CHARTER BUS COMPANY use to think for the foremost future always. So we think that we should do the best transportation service for our TORONTO society. The colleges & universities are the major eligible citizen making building that need more transportation service.

Our TJ BUS COMPANY do it’s major point of travel service for many universities & colleges in TORONTO. Our main aim in this transportation service is to decrease the traffic effects level & to increase the development of our society in a better way in the major & different sectors according to the level ups of tome as time is gold.

We have been doing our transportation service under cheap bus rental costs in an eco friendly basis. The universities & colleges which we come across so far for this ten years of time period to deliver our bus services in a bus rental costs are,

The services they need from us & we pretend the bus services according to the preferences & requests we gain from different consumers & costumers help us to do more & more accuracy to the society in this transportation field. We do all the regulative tests & our TJ BUS COMPANY has it’s regulated services with all the documented proofs.

  • service for educational trips
  • Transportation service for drop off & pick ups
  • service vacational trips
  • service for researches
  • service for campings
  • service for welfare activies
  • service for college & university reunions

Our bus services are always delivered under many aims to fulfill the college & university association so that we can me you again & again. The facilities we deliver for the services above are,

Reliable & affordable transportation

We the TJ BUS COMPANY always think of the welfare of all the sectors economically. We know that how much it is difficult to earn a single penny for a person or an association. So that we always stay with you under affordability.


Our maintenance are always done under the condition of comfort for our customers. We have the most comfortable seats with armrests & recliners, A/C power bases, well Set bus interiors etc. Also we have the best drivers to be calm for a passenger through out the journey.


Always we make the on time services when we meet the customer also at the moment of drop offs of the customers so that we build the beat trust on us.