In our day to day daily activies we cone across many events, situations & parties in personal life or in an associations. There are many parties in this fast moving world to unite all the members of a family, a society, or else an association. This parties need the transport service for their needs according to their planners. Because there are two designs of parties occur in our society. They are,

The parties held at particular venues with venue arrangements

We give our bus service for these types of parties with delivering the bus service drop offs & pick ups.

The parties that occur in buses

These type of parties occur in a moving mode with the decorational buses with many arrangements for the parties. So that our TJ BUS COMPANY has that facility too to satisfy & fulfill our customers needs.

There are many parties occur in our society in our day to day life. Our TJ bus company contribute in this too & they are,

  • Transportation facilities for lids parties
  • Transportation facilities for success parties
  • Transportation facilities for family reunions
  • Transportation facilities for year-end parties
  • Transportation facilities for wedding parties
  • Transportation facilities for clubs & casinos
  • Transportation facilities for get together
  • Transportation service along with special facilities for ongoing parties in our charter service bus

All these services are dine according to the party bus service advice from the MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY ADMINISTRATION ASSOCIATION. As according to the new updates these bus need the highly extensive protective measures as they get caught with many accidental problems in many ways to the past years.

So that our TJ BUS COMPANY transportation service held a big survey on the protection & safety & security of all the customers & our crew members.

We maintain many regulative ideas as well as many comfort ideas too. They are,


  • We give the transportation service with best seat of recliners& armrests etc.
  • Extra spaces for the luggage’s.
  • Personal A/C adjusters.
  • On-board entertainment with lighting facilities & so on.

Safety comes first

  • We educate our crew & customers about the adverse effects when we mislead the rules & regulation of party rental buses. We always make sure on the marketing safety facilities.

Passengers of particular number

  • We make the party bus rental arrangements according to the information that given to us about the number of passenger in the particular party.

Paper works & periodic vehicle inspections

  • We deliver the perfect inspection of our party bus & their details including TCP numbers, proof of registrations etc. so that we can maintain out trust for our customers.