Every single organizations has it’s particular goals to achieve the best & delver the best to every single customers & consumers. As like this our TJ BUS COMPANY too has it’s bus company goals to be & to improve perfection & success.

TORONTO is the largest & the capital city of province ONTARIO. So that it is a well developed & developing systemized city with several routes of bus lines in it’s map.
TJ BUS COMPANY normally cover schools, universities, colleges, corporates, clubs, casinos & families.

TORONTO has the top CANADIAN views. For example City Hall, Casa Loma, Prince Edward Viaduct etc. According to this we consider the tourist routes in our bus line as well.
Other than this we make transportation service for the schools according to the destination routes. University according to their purpose to travel.
So that we include TORONTO’s tourist routes, school routes, university destinations, airport routes etc.

Mission statements

– We swear to deliver innovative & sustainable bus service in order to long last & to facilitate the fields of school, university, colleges, corporate crews & families.
– To provide safe, cheap bus rental costs in an appropriate bus transportation.
– To deliver efficient & effective outcomes with good internal & externals.


– We will be the best choice for our customers & an outstanding crew in this bus transportation field.
– Maintain, repair & disposal of vehicles to gain the economy we spent by giving good bus service.
– Think independently & extremely to give & obtain the best.


– Arise , awake & stop not till your gaol is reached.
– We value excellence, diversity, & cooperation to ensure the best bus transportation service.


All the associative & non-associative groups held a plan for their betterment of customers & businesses. TJ BUS COMPANY has such a way of schedule for its working too. The procedures for the travel betterments of transportation services are,

1. Maintaining a relationship between TJ BUS COMPANY & the customers

– We do this by having a communicative services. A customer normally can contact us over the telephone, email, or through our web page. They can also meet us directly. These transportation services have the facilities to schedule the bookings too.

2. Analysis of preferences

– According to the customers requests our bus line analyse the availability of buses & schedule the time according to the bookings of customers.


— TJ CHARTER BUS RENTAL maintain a confirmation process to make sure about the journey for our customers.