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Sports Club Bus Transportation

TJ bus Services offers affordable Charter Bus Rentals in Toronto

Participating in sports championships is hard enough as it is! You really don’t need the additional burden of worrying about your transport to and from the stadium. This is where we step in! Simply tell us the date and time of your competition and we will arrange the most luxurious and premium quality Sports Club Bus Transportation for you.

TJ Buses is famous for its reliability and dependency! We will never let you down and always fulfill our duties toward you! We offer the most comfortable bus transportation for sports clubs including sufficient space for all players, staff, and extra guests. Moreover, we are extremely flexible. Simply let us know all your transportation requirements and we will make sure that you get everything you want! At TJ buses, our customers always get priority and we place your comfort above all.

TJ Bus Service, Toronto, Sports Bus Transportation

The facilities we deliver for the Sports Club Bus Transportation associations & clubs according to the transportation service rules are as follows

Transportation service for sports camping.

Bus services for sports training.

Transportation service for sports competitions at particular sports venues.

Supported by The School District Board

TJ Buses offers a wide range of premium facilities for players traveling to and back from tournaments. We ensure that our buses are equipped with premium amenities so that you can have stress-free relaxing transportation to the stadium. We acknowledge the importance of proper rest for players and never compromise their comfort. Furthermore, booking buses at TJ Buses is hassle-free. All our drivers are extremely professional and well-trained! They are very punctual when it comes to time and will never be late. They are also equipped with basic car mechanics knowledge to deal with any unfortunate incidents. All buses at TJ buses have relaxing reclining chairs, WiFi service, air conditioning, and charging outlets. Additionally, you can also ask for storage bins for your sports equipment and store them on the bus itself!

Which sports groups can travel in TJ Buses with ease?

We offer buses of all types and cater to various group sizes. We have both, minibuses and charter buses. Thus, you can bring extra guests without worrying about enough space. Moreover, we provide transport for sports groups of all types from youth club teams to adult sports teams to elementary and high school teams.

Do TJ Buses come with drinks?

Our buses also have minibars stocked up with energy drinks. Thus, your teammates and you can raise your stamina and get an adrenaline boost! We also have snacks of all types including fresh nuts and healthy edibles.

Is there a discount for athletes?

TJ Buses offers special discounts for sports teams and you can book a charter bus at pocket-friendly rates with us. We also accept last-minute bookings and never cancel rides!

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Our booking process is very simple. All you need to do is reach out to us with an email mentioning the date and time of your pick-up, the number of people, and any extra facilities that you will need. Our customer service representatives will reach out to you almost instantly and answer all your queries. They will also inform you of our various packages and help you choose the one that fits your needs best. All in all, our booking process is very user-friendly!

Sports Club Bus Transportation

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