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TJ Bus Rental Service Toronto
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Toronto's Premier Charter Bus Rental: The Ultimate Group Transportation Solution

Experience the perfect blend of comfort, affordability, and efficiency with TJ Bus Rental in Toronto. Our services redefine group transportation, offering a smooth and cost-effective experience for your travels across the city.

TJ BUS lines Ltd - Toronto's #1 Coach Bus Rentals

Charter Bus Rental Toronto | Coach Bus Rental Toronto | School Bus Rental Toronto | Party Bus Rental Toronto

Get ready to have amazing trips with groups by using TJ Bus Lines ltd and Transportation in Toronto. Our rental buses are one of the best buses available in the city with good maintenance, advanced technology, and a huge Charter Bus Rental crew that is both licensed and experienced. We understand the importance of our passengers and provide them with a next to perfect experience so that they keep choosing us again and again.

This is why TJ Bus Lines and Transportation has become a name of trust, safety, and reliability in Toronto. With 12 years of experience, we have managed to flourish and become one of the best Bus Rentals in Toronto. Our ability to provide our customers with a safe and comfortable experience at reasonable rates has managed to get us, several loyal customers. This is also the secret behind our success. And we promise to not stop and keep making our services better and updating our buses with the latest technology to make your experience each time much more amazing than the last time. We thank you for trusting us and your co operation that has allowed us to flourish and become the company we are today.

TJ Bus Charter Bus Rental Service

Premium Features on Our Charter Bus Rentals

Reclining Seats - TJ bus rentals


Outlets-TJ bus rental

Power Outlets

Luggage - TJ bus rentals

Big Luggage

Rest Room - TJ bus rentals


TJ Charter Bus Rentals: Reliable Partner for Your Group Transportation

As one of the biggest & best Bus Rentals in Toronto,Canada, here are the group transportation services we offer so that you can plan and travel with ease.

TJ Bus Service is the most reliable and efficient charter bus company in Canada. We provide you with the ability to rent a bus to go anywhere in Canada with as little as a 2-hour notice, thanks to our extensive network ofluxury charter rental bus operators. Tourists seeking first-class transportation services can use our company's planned and guided tours at an affordable rental bus. We operate from Toronto and provide comfortable charter bus rentals throughout Canadian and American provinces and states.

Group Transportation

TJ Bus Company will eliminate the headache of bus rental. With various corporate charter bus choices, we can manage everything from small group excursions to sizable conventions.

School and College Bus Rentals,
Pick and Drop

We offer to pick and drop services for schools and colleges and make sure you reach there in time. Our crew has expertise in organising dependable, safe tours for numerous colleges and schools nationwide.

Sports Club
Group Transportation

The best way to see Canada and America's beauty is on a sightseeing tour. We would be honoured to accompany your independent group on tour. You can either join one of our pre-existing trips or organise your group and rent a bus with us.

Social Event
Group Transportation

All the things in travel & transport are special as many of the people love travelling from...

Party Bus

In our day to day daily activies we cone across many events, situations & parties in...

School Bus

Charter Bus Rentals mainly research to do service on schools. As schools are the...


Our drivers can get you safely to and from your lodging and the ski area. Don’t worry about...

Ski and Snowboard

We'll take you to the top ski areas in Ontario and Quebec. We have partnered with the resorts to provide discounted ski rentals for university students and avid skiers....


Our drivers can get you safely to and from your lodging and the ski area. Don’t worry about...


The hassle of organising transportation for you and your guests is eliminated through our collaboration with your wedding coordinator. We will ensure that no detail is neglected during your bachelor parties, rehearsal, and other events with your wedding planner.


The best way to see Canada and America's beauty is on a sightseeing tour. We would be honoured to accompany your independent group on tour. You can either join one of our pre-existing trips or organise your group and rent a bus with us.

Shuttle Bus Service
for Employees

Give your staff a substitute for public transportation. Our flexible pricing and wide range of vehicle sizes can meet any company size, regardless of the size of its personnel. With our transportation technologies, your business can choose the optimal route and even provide door-to-door service.

Travel in Confidence : Comfortable Journeys Begin with TJ Coach Bus Rentals

The ultimate in comfort with TJ Coach Bus Rentals in Toronto. Relax and enjoy a truly comfortable journey as you explore the city's incredible attractions, knowing that every moment will be filled with relaxation and ease.

Punctual & on time transportation service.

Fixed rate according to the passengers livelihood.

Reliable & affordable

Safety with highly experienced driving crew.

Comfortability with seat recliners & armrests, personal luggage spaces etc.

Friendly & respective staffs.

Looking for the Best? Why Should You Choose TJ Charter Bus Rentals?

Discover a World of Wonder: Let Our Charter Bus Rentals Create Magical Memories

According to the above quote safety is always being a great agenda in our lives. We the TJ BUS COMPANY also 100% sure about the safety & security of our passengers & also our academic staffs that means our drivers & our executive members. Coach Bus Rental transportation is our first priority & we make concern on protection of lives & property through regulation, management & highly developed technology to all forms of our buses. We have the proper maintenance & modulation of our buses. Through this we are able to run our buses in a healthy way.

Best Driving

We give our drivers the best driving skills to ensure that our bus transportation driver is thorough on his skills & attitudes. ...

Drivers & Crew

As drivers are considered as the heart of our bus company we give the a special training on well behaving & their driving skills too....

Bus Safety

Proudly Servicing Toronto and Greater ent, group activity, church event or private party you will receive a professional, first class...

Conditional Buses

We deliver & under make our buses the best maintenance including bus modulation, algorithm survey,...


All the insurance & assurance values are being valued according to the metropolitan rules & it’s new update to ensure the...


Each & every buses of our TJ bus transportation fleet has it’s best GPS system to monitor the most accuracy of...

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